By Fediverse Developer Network


Owncast is a live video streaming server that is designed to be self-hosted. Each instance of Owncast can enable a set of features that allow it to be a part of the Fediverse.

What functionality does Owncast provide on the Fediverse?

  • When a stream goes live a post to Followers with a preview of the stream is sent.
  • When Likes, Shares or Follows take place those actions are surfaced in the chat.
  • Chat participants can authenticate their chat identity with a process known as “FediAuth”. Owncast sends a One Time Password (OTP) private message to the user’s Fediverse account.

What interoperability does Owncast support on the Fediverse?

Currently Owncast aims to be “microblog compatible” which means that it can federate with any platform that can send and receive a standard set of microblog related activities and objects.

What Objects does Owncast federate?