By Fediverse Developer Network

A Track is a custom object used to store track information.


PropertyData typeDescription
type*StringThe object type (Track)
id*String (URI)A URI that identifies the track over federation
name*StringThe track title
position*IntegerThe position of the track in the album
published*DatetimeThe date on which the track was published over the federation
musicbrainzId?String (UUID)The MusicBrainz recording ID
album?Album objectThe album that contains the track
artists?Array of Artist objectsA list of artists associated to the track. This can differ from the album artist


  "type": "Track",
  "id": "",
  "name": "For Whom the Bell Tolls",
  "position": 3,
  "published": "2018-10-02T19:49:35.822537+00:00",
  "musicbrainzId": "771ab043-8821-44f9-b8e0-2733c3126c6d",
  "artists": [{}],
  "album": {}