By Fediverse Developer Network

A Library is a custom object used to store music collection information. It inherits its behavior and properties from ActivityPub’s Actor and Collection objects.


PropertyData typeDescription
type*StringThe object type (Library)
id*String (URI)A URI that identifies the library over federation
name*StringThe library’s name
followers*String (URI)The ID of the library’s followers collection
totalItems*IntegerThe number of Audio objects in the library
first*String (URI)The URL of the library’s first page
last*String (URI)The URL of the library’s last page
summary?StringThe library’s description


  "type": "Library",
  "id": "",
  "attributedTo": "",
  "name": "My awesome library",
  "followers": "",
  "summary": "This library is for restricted use only",
  "totalItems": 4234,
  "first": "",
  "last": ""