By Fediverse Developer Network

An Audio object is a custom object used to store upload information. It extends the ActivityStreams Audio object with custom attributes.


PropertyData typeDescription
type*StringThe object type (Audio)
id*String (URI)A URI that identifies the audio over federation
name*StringA readable title for the order. Funkwhale concatenates the track name, album title, and artist name
size*IntegerThe size of the audio in bytes
bitrate*IntegerThe bitrate of the audio in bytes/s
duration*IntegerThe duration of the audio in seconds
library*String (URI)The ID of the audio’s containing Library object
published*DatetimeThe date on which the audio was published over the federation
updated*DatetimeThe date on which the audio was last updated over the federation
url*Link objectA Link object object containing the download location of the audio file
track?Track objectThe track associated with the audio file


  "type": "Audio",
  "id": "",
  "name": "For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ride the Lightning - Metallica",
  "size": 8656581,
  "bitrate": 320000,
  "duration": 213,
  "library": "",
  "updated": "2018-10-02T19:49:35.646372+00:00",
  "published": "2018-10-02T19:49:35.646359+00:00",
  "track": {},
  "url": {
    "href": "",
    "type": "Link",
    "mediaType": "audio/mpeg"

Audio fetching on restricted libraries

Audio objects are subject to the following access rules:

  • Audio items in public libraries can be accessed by actors without restriction
  • Audio items in restricted libraries can only be accessed if the HTTP request is signed by an actor who has an associated approved Follow activity