By Fediverse Developer Network

An Album is a custom object used to store album and podcast series information.


PropertyData typeDescription
type*StringThe object type (Album)
id*String (URI)A URI that identifies the album over federation
name*StringThe album’s title
artists?Array of stringsA list of Artist objects associated with the albums
published*DatetimeThe date on which the artist was published over the federation
released?DatetimeThe date on which the album was released
musicbrainzId?String (UUID)The MusicBrainz release ID
cover?Link objectA Link object representing the album cover


  "type": "Album",
  "id": "",
  "name": "Ride the Lightning",
  "released": "1984-01-01",
  "published": "2018-10-02T19:49:17.412546+00:00",
  "musicbrainzId": "589ff96d-0be8-3f82-bdd2-299592e51b40",
  "cover": {
    "href": "",
    "type": "Link",
    "mediaType": "image/jpeg"
  "artists": [{}]