By Fediverse Developer Network


The Undo activity is used to indicate the reversal or cancellation of a previous activity in Communecter. It can be used to undo actions such as Accept, Follow.


  • Activity: Undo
  • Object: The activity being undone

Internal Logic

When an actor wants to undo a previous activity, they can send an Undo activity. The Undo activity includes the activity being undone, specified as the object.


Undoing an Accept

In this example, Armel Wanes sends an Undo activity to cancel a previous Accept activity:

  "@context": "https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams",
  "type": "Undo",
  "actor": "https://communecter.org/api/activitypub/users/u/ArmelWanes",
  "id": "https://efc4-102-16-43-150.ngrok-free.app/api/activitypub/activity/id/649d3b54b3a53",
  "object": "https://efc4-102-16-43-150.ngrok-free.app/api/activitypub/activity/id/649d39d47e6c3"