By Fediverse Developer Network


The Leave activity is used to indicate that an actor is leaving a project, activity, group, or any other entity in Communecter.


  • Activity: Leave
  • Object: Actor leaving the entity
  • Target: Entity from which the actor is leaving

Internal Logic

When an actor wants to leave an entity, they can send a Leave activity. The Leave activity includes the actor who is leaving (specified as the object) and the entity they are leaving (specified as the target).


Leaving activity

In this example, Armel Wanes sends a leave request to withdraw from a project:

  "@context": "https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams",
  "type": "Leave",
  "object": "https://communecter.org/api/activitypub/users/u/ArmelWanes",
  "id": "https://communecter.org/api/activitypub/activity/id/649caf628366d",
  "actor": "https://communecter.org/api/activitypub/users/u/ArmelWanes",
  "target": "https://communecter.org/api/activitypub/object/id/649c9e7ae4135"