By Fediverse Developer Network

The Create activity is used to create new objects in Communecter, such as Note, Event, or Project.


  • Activity: Create
  • Object: A Communecter object

Internal Logic

When Communecter receives a Create activity with an object, it processes the activity based on the type of object being created. This can include Note, Event, or Project, among others.


In this example, Hajavololona creates a new Event in Communecter and sends it to the public audience with a carbon copy (cc) to ArmelWanes.

  "@context" : "",
  "type" : "Create",
  "object" : "",
  "id" : "",
  "actor" : "",
  "published" : "2023-06-29T09:39:26+0000",
  "summary" : "Created a new Event: 'Community Meetup'",
  "to" : [ 
  "cc" : [