2024-03-07 Online meeting (focused on FediTest)

By Fediverse Developer Network


Date and time

  • March 7, 2024
  • 11am to 12noon Pacific time (19:00 to 20:00 UTC)

Andy Piper (@andypiper@macaw.social) and Johannes Ernst (@j12@social.coop) hosted this call.


  • Main focus will be an early show-and-tell of FediTest, a project to create a test suite for the Fediverse protocol stack. Johannes will demo the first running code, explain the architecture and key abstractions as they currently are, some early tests and integrations with WordPress+AP and Mastodon. The eventual goal of the project is to be able to easily run the various Fediverse server-side applications against each other (say, WordPress+AP against Mastodon) with high test coverage across the entire protocol stack. He wants your feedback and understand how to best meet your needs when testing your implementation against other applications. (40min)

  • In the past, we’ve had 5-min ad-hoc show-and-tells that people really liked. If you have something cool to show off that may be of interest to other developers – running code preferred – grab the mic and tell us! (20min)


16 people attended the call live via Jitsi.

A recording was made and posted on PeerTube. Unfortunately, the recording has poor audio due to a technical issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Feditest Notes

Johannes - small number of slides intro

You will not take away a full set of tests today

Intro to Feditest

  • tests
  • framework to run them
  • app integration / interaction
  • baseline protocol implementaton

Demo of ubos / feditest Imp and Constellations JSON file defining test plans

Demo and Q&A

Summary of questions and comments:

  • Emelia - can we have a regular calendar
  • Evan - could we use a standard Test format eg TAP
  • Emelia - pointing at Solid tests
  • Evan - what about the simple / early use cases?
  • Emelia - why not build a reference implementation?
  • Nik - look at funfedi.dev (helge) is there overlap?
    • –> Johannes: yes, that and bengo and steve bate
  • James - making the point that the “difficult” edge cases are the scary ones
  • Andy - How should people contact you / follow up?
    • –> Johannes: Matrix and GitHub

Other demos

Emelia - secondary demo on legal requirements / Fediverse Moderation Features.

Very early work.

Site showing moderation feature requirements per e.g. DSA, and then which services implement or not.

Other announcements

Evan - early edition of his AP book is on O’Reilly site

Next meeting

TBD - we need to work on getting a calendar together, but the goal is to get back to a regular cadence of meetings.

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