2023-05-31 Online meeting

By Fediverse Developer Network


Draft agenda:

  • Show-and-tell, 5 min each. Whoever has something to show (working code, test, documentation) that is likely of interest to other Fediverse developers and not broadly known yet.

  • Discussion of best agenda for regular network calls.

  • Open discussion.

Some of the attendees (add yourself with name, project affiliation/role, Fediverse handle) – entirely optional

  • Bob Wyman @bobwyman@mastodon.social

  • Ryan Barrett @snarfed.org@snarfed.org

  • Jeremiah Lee @Jeremiah@alpaca.gold

  • narF @narF@mstdn.fr (i work in video games)

  • Johannes Ernst @j12t@social.coop

Backchannel: let’s simply use General on https://matrix.to/#/#fediverse-developer-network:matrix.org

Notes (previous call’s notes are at https://fedidevs.org/notes/20230410 )

  • Let’s do introductions on the Matrix Intro channel, part of the Fediverse Developer Network room, linked from https://fedidevs.org/

  • Tim Bray’s high throughput filtering library, posts:

  • Bob: working on “prospective search” – discussion of Fediverse applications

  • Johannes: generating single markdown page with the Webfinger file from various representative fediverse apps, second single markdown page with actor files

    • Feedback: generally useful, should be on the website
  • Ryan: proposal for how to translate identity and mechanics between protocols: AP, IndieWeb, Bluesky, Nostr: https://fed.brid.gy/docs#translate

    • Feedback is welcome! Comment here or here
  • Jeremiah requested JSON-LD help regarding an idea for extending the Actor and Activity object. Bob pointed to JSON-LD.org playground for validating.

  • Check out the FEP process and repo!

  • Role of this meeting in the future?

    • W3C planning to restart monthly meetings

    • Jeremiah: keep it as a meetup for fediverse developers to share progress/pains/requests for help

    • Ben: helpful to create trust with other developers, easier to discuss wild ideas via a/v chat than writing sometimes

    • Bob: What’s the best programming language to put example code in for fediverse developers?

Future meetings:

  • about once a month, “between” SWICG meetings

  • Structure: brief (like today, 5-min) updates / requests for help from developers: hear what other people are working on, struggling with, …

  • Encouraged to tell up-front what question/update you want to share, so people have an idea up-front what the content of the meeting will be.