2023-04-10 Online meeting

By Fediverse Developer Network


Quite a big turnout, intro by Gabe. Four reasons for this meeting:

‘like to have a place to facilitate a place to grow and build a place on the fediverse’ Building new places of documentation Building tools for tests Encouraging fediverse interopability Two things to note:

Is not a spec meeting Not about enhancement proposals

Its about what already exists, how can we use it to elevate all of us

Introduction of what people are working on:

Gabe – owncast, utilizes fediverse with the social layer of its streaming platform, but its optional. Looking forward to federate future events

tusooa -  maintainer of pleroma. Implementing editing function

Will – immers.space, its about sharing your location. Every virtual space has a fediverse server attached to it. In some sort a federated steam friends list

Also does guppe groups,

Jeff – working on a mastodon starter kit for new developer.

Jeremiah – personal social media app similar to path app. A smaller social network that you post privately to. Initially build on mastodon, but now making their own server

Shauna – dev but not fedi dev yet. interested in two kinds of projects: tooling to help with moderation, governance and other collective action problems, as well as developer tooling like a django app or python client that implemnts activitypub or other fedi protocols to make it easier for new platform devs to get up and running.

johann - working on foundkey, fork of misskey, describes it a a more fun version of misskey/foundkey

Johannes - working on dazzle, a project to liberate data that projects/big tech has, and that allows you to import that these orgs (such as facebook) has. struggles to implement activitypub into this project, finds it hard to work with primarily due to handling many frequent releases. cannot often retest every version of software/projects. looking forward to a set of best practices. Thinks having an ambassador for each projects would be helpful

Manton - does micro.blog

Sebastian - 20 years as photojournalist/war reporter. switched to coding around 2015. participated in (helped org?? unclear) two ActivityPub conferences. host of fedi camp, a 2022/2021 german RL conference with some developers. working on a project to federate a wiki project and a federated geo coding actor (?)

Chris - working on a federated forum service yuforium, as well as an activitystream validator

duponin - contributor to pleroma, made their own fediverse backend (indra.social)

Darius - maintainer of hometown (fork of mastodon), more focus on community features and  interopability. also wrote rss to activity pub conversation server https://github.com/dariusk/rss-to-activitypub. wrote a reference implementation in javascript. has build an activitypub debugging server that runs on glitch https://tinysubversions.com/notes/activitypub-tool/. tries to make as much stuff as possible work on glitch to make it easier for instance admins to run.

has filed a proposal with work for a federated moderating server (note: see presentation on mozfest for this)

peter - interesting in learning c2s protocol

HJ - maintainer of pleroma, current administrator because founder of pleroma is MIA

Steve - building last mile internet as a community service(with Chi Commons Cooperative, I think) - their org is interested in potentially building a federated skillshare service

Andy - 9 years as twitter dev, lots of experience building developer relationships

johnny - runs owncast server and calckey server, parttime contributor

A - mostly in the documentation side, wants to keep the generic server dream alive. affiliated with socialhub folks

Kainoa - main developer of calckey. fork of misskey and looking to be its on full server software beyond fork. currently working in launching apps for calckey in the app store

Bob - working on a prospective search, and better support for annotations

Panos - community manager for Calckey

Manton - creator of micro.blog, wants to help people use lots of different platforms


  • Gabe: many opportunities to collaborate, key one is documentation

  • Andy: one important next step is making sure we can keep in touch with each other; re: documentation, how about FediDocs?

Andy wants to set up an office hours slot where he can host people who wants to talk

from chat: @fedidevs@venera.social could be used to stay in touch

Johannes suggests having a regular call, similar to XXX, that is regularly scheduled so you can keep the converstation going and you always know when the next time is

from chat: SocialCG wiki?

from chat: (more of a project than next steps) use federation.md (Darius’s idea) to document federation behavior, eg https://github.com/lowercasename/gathio/blob/main/FEDERATION.md

kanoia: my vote goes to matrix, lots of people here already use it and it is decentralized

some votes for SocialHub

Gabe - before we leave:

-how to communicate - probably Matrix, and then we’ll use that to discuss other ways to collaborate

-when is the next time - bi weekly, people feel there is momentum and want to grab that momentum

tusooa - request to consider doing it on weekends instead of weekdays

shauna - alternating day/time would probably make sense, since no one time works for everyone

TODO for everyone:

-join the fedidev group: https://venera.social/profile/fedidevs

-join the matrix group that gabe links

todo for gabe;

set up matrix group