Fediverse Developer Network

Fedidevs Concept

What is it?

  • A community for developers building the existing projects that make up the Fediverse.
  • A starting point for developers looking to add Fediverse features to their existing projects or build something new that is Fediverse compatible.
  • Encourage interoperability between projects using the existing standards.
  • Maintain a single, shared repository of insights, examples, and best practices targeted at Fediverse developers intended to be easy to find and consume.
  • Provide future tooling, libraries, documentation and other resources to help new projects get started that support the Fediverse core protocols.
  • A place where developers can directly contact other developers around Fediverse interoperability.

What is it not?

  • It is not a standards or governance body. The W3C is behind ActivityPub and the IETF is behind WebFinger.
  • It is not for changes or enhancements to the specs. See the Fediverse Enhancement Proposals.

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